Silicon Arts is a leading company in real-time ray tracing GPU technology.
Based on the original patent, real-time ray tracing technology, we developed the world's first ray tracing GPU IP and RayChip. Silicon Arts' ray tracing technology with low power and high performance processes large-capacity graphic data in real time. It is attracting attention as an essential element for realizing realistic graphics in content such as games.

Silicon Arts was selected as the 'TOP 10 HPC solution provider' by the famous American IT magazine 'APAC CIO Outlook' in 2019, and as one of Intel's technology partners, we are working together to develop innovative solutions and grow together.

Currently, we are conducting global sales and partnerships with world-class companies through our Silicon Valley branch in the United States. We develop artificial intelligence semiconductors, GPU chips for metaverse, and GPU chips for PCs. We are actively expanding our main business areas.

Under the goal of ‘Siliconarts GPUs Everywhere’, a groundbreaking upgrade of the visual experience
We look forward to serving our users.


2010. 03

2011. 07

2011. 12

2012. 11

2013. 04

2013. 09

2014. 07

2014. 08

2014. 08

Established in Korea

Released a World first Ray Tracing GPU IP, RayCore®

Signed a contract with LG Electronics (RayCore®)

Signed a contract with the US M Company (RayCore®)

Released a RayCore® Development Kit

Released a RayTree®, RaySort®, RayCodec LFBC

Selected as Hot Startups to Watch on EE Times Silicon60

Released the world first real-time Ray-tracing dedicated prototype chip for the embedded

Presented a paper about RayCore® and RayChip® HotChips and SIGGRAPH 2014 

Developed a blockchain mining semiconductor logic

2018. 01

2019. 10

Released RayCore® Lite

2020. 01

Released RayCore® MC

2021. 04

2021. 04

2021. 07

2021. 08

Obtained a Korean Government Sponsored AI Semiconductor Support Project

Signed a contract with Pixilica (RayCore® MC)

Released RAIV (GPGPU IP)

Signed a contact with Asicland (RAIV®)

Developed the world first Ray-tracing dedicated chip for mass production ( RayChip®)

2016. 08