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Siliconarts' RayChip® Renaissance LP GPU is a GPU chip optimized for high-performance gaming laptops for hardcore gamers. It provides real-time uninterrupted graphics processing through world-class ray tracing technology and AI processing. In addition, it fully supports applications that require high graphics performance, such as high-end games, and provides gamers with a highly immersive visual experience.
  • The world's first high-end gaming dedicated ray-traced graphics chip

  • Ray-tracing - A core rendering technology that provides an 'Immersive Environment' by increasing immersion in the virtual world by reducing the gap between virtual and reality with realistic graphics effects

  • AI processor supports denoising and upscaling to achieve high-quality graphics rendering

  • Real-time support for immersive play of high-end games with GPU chip optimized for gaming laptops

  • Real-time ray tracing support

  • Designed with world-class low-power structure

  • Low latency structure for real-time play of high-end games

  • Light phenomena such as shadows and reflections are processed with realistic high-performance graphics

  • DirectX 12 (DXR), Vulkan RT 1.2 Support

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