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Siliconart leads the visual trend of "Metaverse", the center of the new normal.

  • Siliconarts is leading the visual trend of “Metaverse”, the center of the new normal

  • Graphics that maximize the sense of reality and immersion in the virtual environment are essential conditions for realizing the “ultra-realistic metaverse world”

  • The reality-like graphics effect of ‘Ray-Tracing’ is a key rendering technology that provides an ‘Immersive Environment’ by reducing the gap between virtual and reality to increase immersion in the virtual world

  • Siliconarts' dedicated ray tracing GPU chip provides you with a seamless real-time streaming service of high-quality graphics

  • Ray tracing GPU chip for servers optimized for streaming services

  • Designed with world-class low-power structure

  • Low Latency for Real-Time Streaming Services

  • Eliminate Graphics Performance Degradation

  • Improved realism of metaverse visual environment

  • Improvement of user experience for metaverse users

IPs in GPU Chip

Ray tracing GPU (RayCore MC)

  • Immersive (Natural & Realistic) light expression              (Reflection, Refraction, Transmission, Soft Shadow)

  • Indirect Illumination


GPGPU (Shader)

  • Denoising, Upscaling to enhance graphics quality


NPU (Neural Processing Unit)

  • AI Acceleration of data and image processing

STU (Sound Tracing Unit)

  • Real-time sound-tracing for life-like three dimensional    (3D) sound


Partnerships for the vitalization of the Metaverse ecosystem are always welcome.


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