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RAIV is a general purpose-GPU (GPGPU) that accelerates data processing, and is a key to the development of major industries in the 4th industrial revolution, such as autonomous driving, IOT, games (VR/AR), and data centers. It is a semiconductor IP that plays a critical role. Designed based on open source and easily extensible GIT (Georgia Institute of Technology) Vortex, it supports optimal product development for customers with a low-cost structure. In addition, it was developed with a SIMT (Single Instruction Multiple Threads) architecture optimized for artificial intelligence acceleration, and supports OpenCL to easily configure various types of systems between heterogeneous platforms.

  • Low-Power, High-Performance Acceleration Solutions

  • Machine learning and inference support for various neural networks A total solution that accelerates multiple applications simultaneously with multi-threading

  • Provides fast arithmetic processing of AI data and an optimized structure for applications using it

  • High Scalability - Appropriately scalable configuration is possible in units of cores according to the application. Supports various image processing applications such as 3D graphics and AI in the field of edge computing

  • High-quality 3D graphics support - In conjunction with graphics acceleration and AI functions, high-quality 3D visualization of artificial intelligence applications is provided and applied to metaverses, etc.


Edge devices including smartphones, IoT, autonomous driving, etc.

Low-power, high-performance for customers from training to inference

Acceleration solution provided


Inquiries about RAIV are always welcome.



Silicon Arts is focusing on providing hardware solutions optimized for customer needs by providing SoC Design Platform consisting of ray tracing GPU IP (RayCore MC) for 3D graphics and GPGPU IP (RAIV) for AI.

This platform reduces the time and cost required for fabless or system companies to develop various applications such as metaverse, autonomous driving, and IoT, and provides the best synergy in collaboration with foundry and design house companies. It is designed to be effective.

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