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RayCore MC is a world-class real-time path & ray tracing GPU IP that provides high-quality, photo-realistic graphics with global illumination and soft shadows at ultra-low power consumption. Path Tracing is an advanced technique of ray tracing, and it is a revolutionary next-generation rendering technology that can easily create 3D graphic images like photos by expressing light effects in a more natural and detailed way.
  • Real-time Path Tracing GPU IP optimized for mobile and embedded applications - providing unprecedented 3D graphics experiences in games, virtual reality and augmented reality

  • Provides photo-realistic graphic effects - Provides realistic graphic effects applicable to high-end games, movies, advertisements, education, and simulators

  • Fully Hardwired Path Tracing Logic - Small Form Factor and Low Power Architecture Optimized for Application Processors

  • Implementation of path tracing based on MIMD architecture - Maximize efficient rendering with independent parallel computation, and support real-time path & ray tracing by maintaining ray tracing performance regardless of image characteristics

  • High scalability - By increasing the number of raycores according to parallel design, the graphics performance is improved linearly, ensuring excellent graphics processing performance and low power consumption for the cost.

mc 아키텍처.png

Inquiries about RayCore MC series are always welcome.



Silicon Arts is focusing on providing hardware solutions optimized for customer needs by providing SoC Design Platform consisting of ray tracing GPU IP (RayCore MC) for 3D graphics and GPGPU IP (RAIV) for AI.

This platform reduces the time and cost required for fabless or system companies to develop various applications such as metaverse, autonomous driving, and IoT, and provides the best synergy in collaboration with foundry and design house companies. It is designed to be effective.

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