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AI S/W Engineer

About the Company

Siliconarts, a leading company in real-time ray tracing GPU technology, developed the world's first ray tracing GPU IP and ray chip based on original patents for related technologies.

We are selected as the 'TOP10 HPC Solution Provider 2019' announced by the 'APAC CIO Outlook', and in March 2021, was selected for the intensive fostering business of artificial intelligence semiconductor innovative companies hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. We started to enter the overseas market by licensing the technology.

Based on Silicon Arts' world-class low-power, high-performance GPU technology, we are developing GPU chips for various customer support and PC applications. In addition, we plan to become a world-class GPU company through the listing. Currently, under the vision of ‘Siliconarts GPU Everywhere’, we are focusing on the development of next-generation GPU semiconductor IP and chips.

To ensure that the company's success leads to the success of its employees, we are operating a competency improvement system and stock options system through various seminars and training.

About the Role

∙ AI S/W development
∙ Analysis of the latest technology and research


Basic Qualifications:

∙ Age / Gender: Any

∙ Master degree, experience over 2 years

∙ Major : Electrical/Electronic Engineering, computer/system Engineering,

∙ Owner of smooth communication and communication skills

∙ Experience C / C++

∙ Experience deep learning theory and algorithm such as CNN/RNN/DNN/DBN 

∙ Experience deep framework (Caffe, CNTK, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, MXnet, Chainer, Keras)

Preferred Qualifications:

∙ Experience GPU program development

∙ Experience metarverse platform (Unity/Unreal) base app development

∙ Experience embedded system base development 

∙ Experience C / C++ and C# development





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