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SiliconArts Joins RISC-V Foundation to Collaborate on Graphics Extensions for RISC-V ISA



Brightfield Technical Strategies

SiliconArts Joins RISC-V Foundation to support Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) extensions to integrate ray tracing into any level RISC-V based graphics product

SiliconArts announces it has joined the RISC-V foundation to support the working group on RV64X extensions of the RISC-V architecture to support graphics functions traditionally performed by a dedicated GPU processor. This will enable the RISC-V platform to have an open graphics hardware platform to enable innovation and the next levels of visualization by deploying ray tracing natively. The RV64X instruction set expands RSC-V to GPU functionality that is scalable and modular to enable integration on a wide variety of gaming platforms, including: cloud, desktop mobile, console and VR/AR.

To kick this effort off, SiliconArts is releasing its ray tracing api’s to the open source communities, located at

This will enable anyone to program and evaluate ray tracing without utilizing a black box driver from the latest generation GPU to the task. SiliconArts will work with the RISC-V Foundation to incorporate advanced ray tracing functions into the native ISA to prepare for the conversion of graphics into photorealistic representations that can provide natural looking lighting and AR visual immersion.

SiliconArts own graphics technology, the RayCore MC-Series’, enabling a scalable 3D GPU rendering solution providing from 1 GRays/sec to up to 10 Grays/sec for multi-core solutions will be integrated to this GPU platform to provide futuristic capabilities for next generation visualization. Higher performance rendering platforms for dedicated and professional use cases can be scaled to 100’s of Grays/sec performance with multi-chip board level designs.
SiliconArts CEO Hyung-Min Yoon says “The RISC-V movement is ready to demonstrate the future of GPU functionality so critical to our computing platforms User Interface (UI). This innovation will become even more important in the future Metaverse, as photorealistic rendering will provide immersive experiences for users in XR. We can expect the adoption of ray tracing across the industry will drive the definition and utilization of ray tracing extensions to RISC-V.”

For more information, please visit our website at:

For all Media inquires, please contact Steven Brightfield at
1-(858)-692-6727 (m)

Siliconarts, is a leader in real-time ray tracing GPU technology, developed the world’s first ray tracing GPU IP and ray chip based on the original patent for real-time ray tracing H/W development technology. Through our proprietary MIMD architecture-based design, we have implemented a high-performance, low-power oriented ray tracing GPU suitable for smartphones. We provide a low power GPU IP solution for Ray Tracing to extend your RISC-V based SoC to support high-quality graphics and seamless real-time streaming service. Through the US Silicon Valley branch, we are collaborating with world-class application processor companies, and we are expanding our business scope into the AI field by developing AI-accelerated GPU IP.

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